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The Greatest Customer Complaint Response Ever - The Manager's Office complaint letter restaurant

The Greatest Customer Complaint Response Ever By David Hayden on September 23, 2010 in Best Of The Manager's Office , Restaurant Industry Information , Restaurant Industry Perspectives Meet oadxehwx. moncler mens basile jacket blackChef Jonathan Justus, your new restaurant hero

I had lunch today with my friends Emma and Senor Esparza .  They ate at Justus Drugstore last night.  Justus is on the outermost outskirts of what could be considered Kansas City.  In the few years that it has been open it has developed a reputation of being well worth the drive.  I personally have never dined there.  A little to pricey for my blood, but after reading what I am about to share you will see why I have never felt a restaurant owner was more deserving of my hard earned tips.

They were telling me about how incredible the food and wine was and how the chef joined them for a glass.  Then Emma full of glee interjected with a story.  She said she had read an incredibly negative review.  As we waited in line at Oklahoma Joe’s for America’s best meal served inside a gas station , she conveyed the details of this complaint.  After coming home and reading it, I can say she did not do it justice (HA! Get it a complaint about Justus Drugstore).  Enough of my puns, here is the review from Yelp! .

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About David Hayden David Hayden is a restaurant marketing and training consultant based in Kansas City, MO. He writes a series of 9 blogs collectively known as The Hospitality Formula Network and is the author of "Tips2: Tips For Improving Your Tips" and "Building Your Brand With Facebook" View all posts by David Hayden → Subscribe

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Published on Jun 18, 2013

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No notes for slide Complaint letters 1. Sample Complaint Letter for a Rude Waiter/WaitressDear Mr. Richardson,My husband and I have patronized Pickle Mountain Restaurant many times over the past few years.Your food is exceptional, and it is a great place to bring out of town guests. We especially enjoy yourfried pickle appetizers.However, on Saturday, September 27, we had a poor experience. I feel it is important that you beaware of the behavior of your employees. I have not shared this experience with any of my friends (oron any social media) yet, and would like to provide you with the opportunity to respond.We arrived at about 6:45 PM. We do understand that this is a busy time. We were understanding ofthe 30 minute wait.The waitress seemed to be annoyed. She did not smile or say anything friendly. We thought maybeshe was just having a bad day. However, we ordered a hamburger without cheese for our son. (Hecannot have cheese as he is lactose intolerant.) When the food came, there was still cheese on it.We told her and her response in a rude tone was "Well, you should have reminded me!" She said,"Just take it off." We couldnt just take it off because the cheese had already melted. We asked a newhamburger. She seemed very annoyed, but did get him a new hamburger. She also did not refill ourdrinks until we asked.I have enclosed a copy of our bill for your reference. Please contact me at anytime about this issue at(345) 333-1234. Thank-You. A response from you will make us more likely to return to PickleMountain in the future.Respectfully,Paula PoodlesonSample Complaint Letter for PoorCustomer ServiceDear MacGuffin’s representative,I’m writing to inform you that I had a negative experience at your location in Columbus, NewJersey on August 4. My receipt number is 512, and the person who handled my order wasnamed Alex.First of all, I recognize that you, as the reader of this letter, are not responsible for my badexperience, but I am still upset about the situation. 2. I went to the drive-through and ordered a number seven meal with no pickles and three numbertwo meals with pickles. When I received my order, I checked that all of the sandwiches and frieswere in the bag, paid, and drove away. When I got home, I realized my number seven hadpickles on it. I am allergic to pickles, and I didn’t just want to waste the sandwich, so I droveback to the drive-through to explain the situation and get it fixed.When I got to the speaker, I was told (in a tone that sounded annoyed with the fact that I wantedthe issue fixed) that it was easier to take care of inside. So, I went inside and had to wait in lineagain to get to the front. I explained the situation to the cashier, but Alex came over and saidthat she specifically remembered my order from drive-through and “knew for a fact” that therewere no pickles on my number seven. I showed her the sandwich, at which point she accusedme of taking the pickles from a different sandwich and placing them on the number seven. Sheimplied that I was just trying to get a free sandwichIn addition to this allegation being false, it was also extremely inappropriate. I was so upset bythe situation and shocked at her accusation that I left the store without having the issueresolved.I feel very disappointed with this interaction, as I usually enjoy my experiences at yourrestaurant. To fix this situation, I would like a coupon for a free meal of my choice. I think anapology from Alex is also appropriate.Please contact me at 555.555.5555 or email me back at I would like thissituation to be resolved so I can continue to be a loyal MacGuffin’s patron.Best,Jim KorkellFrancine KaluFlat 445 Tyler RoadCambridgePC1 2MA29 May 20131 Tyler RoadCambridgePC2 3MADear Sir or Madam,Supply of Goods & Services Act 1982 (As amended) 3. On 03/02/13, you did the following work: You agreed to install a bathroom suite in my home at a cost of£600.We agreed this work would be completed by 12/02/13.However, I have had the following problems:1) The sink you installed doesnt drain properly2) The flush on the toilet doesnt work at all.According to the law named above, I am entitled to have this work done with reasonable care and skill.I would like you to repair both of these faults within a week or I would like you to refund my money and Iwill ask someone to do the work who is able to.Please respond to my complaint/complete the work in the next 14 days. If you fail to respond/remedy inthis time, I will have no option but to consider taking the matter further.Yours faithfullyFrancine KaluSample Complaint Letter for Bad ServiceDear Mr. HamiltonI have been a loyal customer of your stores for the past 5 years, I have time and again receivedgreatservice at your mart which is one of the main reasons I shop at your store. But to mysurprise, on thedate of 23rd August, 2010, I was at the receiving end of some very poor serviceat your mart.Onthesaiddate,Imadethepurchaseofmyweeklygroceries,andheadedtowardsthecashcounterto pay for them. The person sitting at the counter, who was wearing the name tag of Jen,was talkingon her cell phone. When I asked her to make the bill, she said she would do it in 5minutes, andresumed her conversation on the phone. After a good 10 minutes, she started withher work and did itvery slowly. The bill, apparently totalled up to more than I expected, soI asked her to recheck it.Instead, she talked to me very rudely, and told me that if I did not likethe prices, I could take mybusiness elsewhere.I was appalled at such behaviour, and have a goodmind to take my business elsewhere as suggested.I hope you would look into the matter, andmake sure such an incident is not repeated. Yourcompanyhasbeenknowntoprovidegoodservices,andsucheventstarnishthecompanyname,soplease address this issue soon.Thank you for your co-operation.Sincere Regards,Timothy Stark 4. Head Marketing and SalesEngro Polymers and ChemicalsFirst Floor, 38 Z Block,Commercial Area, Phase III,DHA, Lahore, Pakistan.Subject: Report regarding issue of blackmailing and over pricing by Engro Dealers andDistributorsRespected Sir/Madam,As-Salaam-o-Alaikum! We are writing this letter to draw your attention towards a veryserious issue that would definitely concern you. We are the manufacturers of plasticfootwear and PVC resin is the main raw ingredient in our product. We have been in thisbusiness for many years and the loyal customers of Engro Chemicals but from past fewmonths we have been blackmailed by the dealers of Engro in Lahore and being chargedprices of around 300 Rs. more than market price on each bag of PVC resin.We have been told by the dealers that there is shortage of PVC Resin in the market andwe have no other choice to buy resin at their offered prices or do not buy at all. Webelieve that this blackmailing would hurt the goodwill of Engro and trust of loyalcustomers on the firm.Since, there has been a lot of hard efforts being put by the wholeteam of Engro to build the name and acquiring such huge customer base and you musthave a very good idea that such behavior and tactics by your dealers would heavilydamagefirms’ revenues and profits.Your product is a star product on BCG matrix right now but you must have relativemarket share of greater than 50 percent to keep it in the same category otherwise,despite the growth in the demand your product would land in question mark. If thebehavior of your distributors would remain the same, your customer would have nooption to look in to other choices to meet his own needs. You must look in to ways tomanage your demand and supply and therefore requires serious efforts to manageyour supply chain more efficiently and effectively.We are looking forward for a positive response from your side and demand animmediate action to rectify the above mentioned problems. We are not disclosing ournames to avoid further problems from the dealers. However, you can respond to us onthe email,Manufacturers of PCU and Plastic FootwearLahore, Pakistan.