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Sample Complaint Letter to Landlord or Apartment Manager for Roaches | LetterPileLetterPile complaint letter to apartment manager

Sample Complaint Letter to Landlord or Apartment Manager for Roaches Upd fppcdebb. discount moncler jackets ukated on October 1, 2016 rachel carpenter more Contact Author A complaint letter to your landlord might see that an exterminator visits soon. | Source

Roaches don't wear diapers. They also have horrible manners and poor hygiene skills. They make terrible house guests. And, if they choose to invade your apartment, it is time to tell them to "Bug Off!"

If you have discovered roaches in your apartment, contact your landlord or apartment manager. It is his or her responsibility to hire an exterminator. If a phone call or personal visit doesn't work, write a complaint letter.

A complaint letter to your landlord shows that you are serious about this issue. It also provides an opportunity for him/her to develop an action plan before responding to your complaint. It also can be a more professional way of handling the issue. Below are some sample letters to help you write your own.

If possible, type the letter. Most libraries have printers and computers available at no cost. Also, try to write the letter using business letter format. If you can afford it, send the letter via certified, signature delivery.

Letter to Apartment Manager

Dear Mrs. Hernandez,

I have discovered roaches in my apartment. This poses a health hazard. It is not only unsanitary, it unpleasant to live with. I have left you two voice mails regarding this issue and have not heard a response. This letter is my next attempt at resolving this issue.

My apartment number is 43c in the Emerald Bay Apartment Village. I signed my lease in October of 2016. I was planning to renew my least in two months, however, if I continue to see roaches, I will be planning to move.

Please schedule an exterminator visit no later that June 15th. If you fail to do so, I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau.

You may reach me at anytime at (443)342-3421. I hope to hear from you soon.


Lydia Zube

Complaint to College Housing Director

Dear Mr. Quigley,

I am a freshman at Valley Heights. I live in the Scarborough Dorm, in room # 327. Overall, I have been happy with my college choice. I have already built great friendships and enjoy the atmosphere. I love all of my professors, and feel this college was a good fit for me.

However, in the past week, I have been very unhappy with a serious issue in my dorm. My roommate and I found roaches. After discussing this with other dorm residents, I have learned this is a serious problem among the freshman dorms.

Roaches pose a serious health hazard. They are terrible house guests. They can also be disruptive to studying and college life. I am asking you to please schedule an exterminator visit immediately.

If you would like to discuss this issue with me further, please contact me at (333)234-3343. Thank-you for your service to Valley Heights. Have a great day!


Wanda Nunley

A clean apartment will improve your mood and attitude. | Source Message to Townhome Manager

Dear Mr. Mabry,

I am the tenant for unit # 443b in the Diamond Mountain Townhome Complex. I moved in last February. I chose this townhome village because it is convenient to school, is in a quiet area, and offers nice amenities.

However, I have become very upset about a serious issue. There seems to be a horrible roach problem. I have texted you, and left a voicemail about this issue. I am now asking you again, to please schedule an exterminator visit immediately.

Mr. Mabry, roaches are not only annoying and dirty. They are a serious health hazard. I have attached an article for your reference on the dangers of roach infestations.

If I do not hear from you by Friday, March 15th, I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau. I plan to file a complaint if nothing is done to resolve the roach problem.

Please contact me at (342)233-4343. You may also email me at I hope to hear from you soon.


Sarah Gentry

Try to type the complaint letter, if possible. | Source

These are just three sample complaint letters to landlords regarding roach infestation problems. For more advice, please read " Sample Letters to Landlord About Swimming Pool. "

If you your landlord does not provide a proper response, do not hesitate to contact the Better Business Bureau. Good Luck!

complaint letter to apartment manager

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Know and maintain your tenant rights to a clean and safe environment with this complaint letter to a landlord.

Download Complaint Letter (DOC format) My safe download promise . Downloads are subject to this site's term of use . 1,000 times" src="//" width="24" height="24"> Downloaded > 1,000 times Top 20 popular printables This Letter of Complaint belongs to these categories: Fill-in-the-blank_Complaint_Letters Subscribe to my free weekly newsletter — you'll be the first to know when I add new printable documents and templates to the network of sites.

Dear ___________,

I am writing to inform you that your attention to maintenance at my apartment complex, Anyplace Manor, has been unsatisfactory. If you cannot maintain a safe, clean, and hospitable environment for living, I will have to ask you to release me from my lease before this becomes a legal matter.

There are many problems with the apartment complex, including the cleanliness of the stairs, the broken windows on the first floor, and the mold growing in the laundry room. These problems are not only aesthetically displeasing, they also may cause health and safety problems for residents.

Within my own apartment, you have neglected to replace the broken showerhead, fix the leaking ceiling, or repair the large cracks in the wall. These problems are major issues for me, as I have had to clean up water in my apartment whenever it rains.

I have notified management several times about these issues, most recently two weeks ago on December 1st. As a tenant, I have a right to a safe and well-maintained living unit. If you cannot resolve these issues in the next month, I ask to be released early from my 12-month lease so I can seek out a better living situation. Please feel free to call me with any questions at 555-555-5555. I hope we can reach a reasonable agreement.


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wiki How to Write a Complaint Letter to Your Landlord Three Parts: Making Your Case Writing the Letter Sample Letters Community Q&A

Property disputes need to be settled in writing. A letter is the most professional way to get your point across. When you want to write a complaint letter to your landlord, you can learn to make your written case as strong as possible.

Steps Part 1 Making Your Case 1 Only pick a few applicable items per complaint. If something is bothering you enough to write to your landlord about it, it needs to be important. Choose the most important issue to write about. Try to choose between annoying things and serious issues that make your place unlivable. [1] Important maintenance your landlord needs to address include: Waterproofing the roof and exterior walls Providing unbroken windows and doors Plumbing, electricity and gas upkeep Sewage, trash, water, and heat upkeep Keeping electrical wiring to code Keeping floors, stairways and railings in working order Removal of rodents and other pests 2 Document the problem. Before you write, it's important to back up your claims with specific evidence. Keep a detailed account of the problem, including dates. Take pictures of the problem so that you can provide the landlord with evidence. Writing that you've "Seen some roaches from time to time" is vague. Instead, you want to write, "The first cockroach was seen on May 7th at 4 pm under the stairwell." Keep a notebook handy and write down the date, time, and content of the problem when it occurs. If you see roaches, write down where, when, and how many. Keep this as up-to-date as possible. If some part of the property needs fixed, take several high-quality pictures. Keep track of them by date. 3 Cite specific items in the lease agreement. Before writing your complaint letter, it's a good idea to read over your legal lease agreement. See how your contract applies to the issue in question. If your lease addresses your issue, your complaint will be much stronger. Check for any vague language that could be interpreted in your favor. There's a lot of legalese in lease agreements, some of which is debatable. 4 Research local renters' laws. Many local, state or province and federal laws may apply to your particular grievance. Reference these in your letter to help give it some weight. Look up noise ordinances. Look up trash burning ordinances. Depending on the problem, you want to find something be applicable. Attach this legal text to your complaint. [2] Renters' rights and laws vary widely, state-by-state. To learn more about regulations in your state, click here . 5 Consider your options for responding. What will you do, if your landlord doesn't fix the situation in the amount of time you're calling for it to be fixed? If you withhold rent in reaction, state this up front. Make sure your landlord gets the message. Only choose responses that you can back up. Don't say you'll sue unless you've talked to an attorney. It's important to understand the legal costs for which you may be responsible. The landlord may choose to call your bluff, putting you in a tough position. Part 2 Writing the Letter 1 Use a professional tone. It's important for your letter to come across and calm and professional, but as stern as is necessary. You can be tactful and kind while still being firm about what you want. This is a serious matter, and your writing should reflect that. Avoid four-letter words and jargon. Keep it calm and avoid inflammatory language. Instead of writing something like "We're freaking tired of all the construction noise," a good tone for a formal complaint letter might read like this: "The constant noise level has negatively affected the tenant's quality of life." 2 Introduce the issue clearly. Address the letter to your landlord simply, and then explain why you're writing. Explain that you have a problem with the property and that you'd like it fixed immediately, or you'll be forced to take action. Get to it in the first 2-3 sentences. An intro like this works well: "A problem with the property has arisen which needs your immediate attention. This is outlined in our lease agreement. We hope the problem can be fixed quickly, so further action won't be required on our part." Don't worry too much about including pleasantries and small-talk in the writing. It's not necessary for this kind of letter. 3 Detail the problem. The most important part of the complaint letter is obviously the complaint itself. Explain in detail what the problem is. Provide the evidence necessary to make your case, or to make your request clear. Just get into the details: "On August 1st, we noticed the first of the cockroaches. You were initially contacted the afternoon of August 2nd, and required three phone-calls to get you to come address our concerns. Cockroaches have been found in the kitchen, under the stairwell floorboards, and can be heard in the walls. As of September 1st, the cockroaches are still present. Here is a detailed list of all occasions we have had food ruined by roaches, and photographs of the infestation." 4 Make a specific request. Make it clear how you want the situation to be handled in accordance with your rights as a tenant. If you want something to be fixed, express this demand clearly and professionally. Write, "The stairs need to be fixed immediately so that the property can be considered tenable." Depending on the issue, you may get as specific as you want. What do you want done about the cockroaches, exactly? If the landlord has set out some cheap dollar-store traps, is that enough? The job may legally be taken care of, even if there are still roaches present. Demand a professional exterminator be hired, if necessary. Make your request clear. 5 Explain what your response will be if nothing is done. If your landlord ignores your request, what action have you decided to take? Make it clear in your letter. Cite your lease agreement and local regulations. One option lots of renters have is to withhold rent payments until the problem is rectified. If you deem the property unlivable according to your lease, you may withhold rent until it is fixed. [3] Another option you have will be contacting local housing authorities, who can come down hard on landlords. Give your landlord an opportunity to fix the issue before you do this. 6 Provide a timetable for a response. Once you've made your specific request and explained what you'll be forced to do, give the landlord an opportunity to respond to the letter. Usually no more than two weeks is necessary to expect a response, but usually less will be required. Mandatory response times for landlords responding to tenants can vary by state or jurisdiction. Some U.S. states refer to a reasonable standard of 5 to 10 days. Be sure to include a call for a timely response according to local law. 7 Revise the letter for clarity and usage errors . Dumb typos and spelling mistakes could doom your case. Go back through the letter and clear it up as much as possible, to present your complaint in the best possible light. [4] Your letter needs to be crystal clear and concise, not only in spelling and grammar, but in sentence structure and logic. Read through your draft to make sure that what you say makes sense, as it would if you said it out loud. Don't Try to write in too much legalese to make it "sound smart." Use the same type of language you'd use in any professional letter, and keep it as clear as possible. 8 Format the letter appropriately . Complaint letters should always be word processed and printed, or faxed. Make the letter look as professional as the content included. Include your contact information in the top right-hand corner of the letter. Include your phone number, e-mail address, and the address of the rental property in question at the top. Sign the letter and date it, to provide a reference point for the time-agreement. Deliver the letter yourself, personally, so it doesn't get lost in the mail. Generally, letters don't need to be longer than a single page, one-sided. If you need to go on much longer, consider breaking it up into multiple requests. If you've got that much to complain about, don't do it all at once. Sample Letters Complaint Letter to Landlord Template

Sample Complaint Letter to Landlord

Sample Complaint Letter to Property Manager

Community Q&A Search Add New Question How do I complain about a lack of assigned parking spaces in front of the apartment? wikiHow Contributor Write in your letter, "I'm sorry, but I think there are too few parking spaces in front of my apartment building. It would benefit me and others if we had more parking space for our friends and family to visit." Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 0 Helpful 2 How should I write a complaint letter about my noisy neighbor? Andrew Serrano Write down dates, times, and things you clearly hear and what you were doing when the noise occurred. Then write a letter detailing your discomfort, then list the details that you wrote down to establish a pattern of behavior, sight the lease and how you feel their behavior violates this behavior and finish with a realistic remedy. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1 Is a typed letter ok or should it be hand written? wikiHow Contributor While either should be fine, typed letters look neater and there is less chance of a spelling error, as well as being easier to read. Just make sure that you sign it by hand at the end to prove it is authentic. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 1 Helpful 2 Can I write a complaint if there's no heater in my apartment? wikiHow Contributor Yes, absolutely. If you are cold, buy a small heater that can be plugged in while you are waiting for installation. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 1 Helpful 2 What can I do about landlord harassment? Andrew Serrano If you live at a community with a corporate owner, try speaking to their supervisor. The most important thing to do is to protect yourself. Only communicate through written communication, and make sure you are following your lease to the letter. Legal action may be needed. However, before a complaint can be filed, you have to have proof. If you are past due on your rent, and the landlord is calling to collect, this is NOT considered harassment unless the calls become abusive or threatening, or break collections laws in your state. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 2 Helpful 1 My landlord is purposely using questionable ways to make it difficult to pay rent on time so he can charge late fees. What can I do? Andrew Serrano Typically in your lease, there is a "Payments" section that details what you are to pay, when you are to pay, and the means in which you are to pay (payment form and location to send payment to), and the penalties for not following. If you agreed to the lease, you agreed to paying "by" a particular date, so the best way to avoid late fees is to pay early. If he altered these terms, contact a lawyer for help. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0 How can I write a behavioral complaint about a watchman? wikiHow Contributor Write a letter to your landlord that explains who the watchman is, what they're doing, and why you find it disruptive or upsetting. Make sure to be detailed and direct. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0 Can I write a letter about harassment? wikiHow Contributor Yes. Describe the harassment in your letter - who has been harassing you, when, what they've said, etc. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 1 Helpful 0 Unanswered Questions What do I do if my landlord says I owe money but I don't and she only takes cash and gives no receipt? Answer this question Flag as... Flag as... How do I write a complaint letter if my landlord is renovating all the non-rent controlled apartments, but not mine, which is rent controlled? Answer this question Flag as... Flag as... How do I write a complaint to my landlord? Answer this question Flag as... Flag as... How do I complain about roaches in my apartment? Answer this question Flag as... Flag as... What do I do if my AC isn't working in my home? Answer this question Flag as... Flag as... Show more unanswered questions Ask a Question 200 characters left Submit Already answered Not a question Bad question Other If this question (or a similar one) is answered twice in this section, please click here to let us know. Edit Related wikiHows

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