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Free Complaint Letter Answer a few simple questions Print and download instantly Takes just 5-10 minutes Type of Complaint Letter Your Information Recipient's Information Details Date Print/Download Type of Complaint Letter Problem with: Product Purchased Service Provided Other Back Create My Document Your Complaint Letter Update Preview ______________________ ____________________________________________ ______________________, ______________________, ____________

June 27, 2017

______________________ ____________________________________________ ______________________, ______________________, ______________________ Attn: Customer Service

Re: Product Purchased

Dear Sir/Madam:

erjvgyfa. moncler jacket mens redPlease give my concerns in this complaint letter your immediate attention.

On June 27, 2017, I did purchase the following item(s): _________________________. I have the following complaint/concerns regarding that purchase:  _________________________.

In order to adequately resolve my concerns, I require that you reimburse me for the full amount of the purchase price paid by me for above-mentioned product.   I may be contacted or reached in writing at my above address.

Thank you for taking the time to look into my concerns and for dealing with it in a prompt manner.  I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

Sincerely, ______________________

complaint letter

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moncler jacket mens Customer Dissatisfaction: The Fine Art Of The Funny Complaint Customer Dissatisfaction: The Fine Art Of The Funny Complaint Listen · 4:23 4:23 Toggle more options Download Embed Embed "> <iframe src="https://www./player/embed/335702394/337602106" width="100%" height="290" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" title="NPR embedded audio player"> Transcript Facebook Twitter Google+ Email August 3, 2014 5:02 PM ET Heard on All Things Considered NPR Staff

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Anthony Matthews collects letters from dissatisfied customers — including himself — at his website, Dear Customer Relations . He's crowd-funding a book based on the site. Courtesy of Anthony Matthews hide caption

toggle caption Courtesy of Anthony Matthews Anthony Matthews collects letters from dissatisfied customers — including himself — at his website, Dear Customer Relations . He's crowd-funding a book based on the site.

Courtesy of Anthony Matthews

Anthony Matthews is something of a master of the customer complaint. He's sent detailed, humorous letters to car companies, hotels and airlines — with successful results. He posts his carefully composed missives and the companies' responses at his website, Dear Customer Relations , which is also his characteristic opening line.

The letter that started it all was written on a typewriter 25 years ago.

Hear The Full Rover Complaint Hear Anthony Matthews read his full complaint about his Rover. Toggle more options Embed Embed "> <iframe src="https://www./player/embed/335702394/337631102" width="100%" height="290" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" title="NPR embedded audio player">

"Just imagine it! It's January 1989 and you've just purchased a gleaming ex-demonstration Rover 820e with only 3,000 miles on the clock," Matthews writes.

The car had a multitude of troubles, explained in paragraph after paragraph, but the letter hits its climax when Matthews writes about how his heater was on full blast in the middle of the summer, and he couldn't shut it off. He had to roll down his windows to keep cool — but then he drove right through a downpour. When he went to roll up his windows, they didn't go up.

"There you are, cruising along the motorway. Your left side, in the full blast of the heater, is slowly cooking to a perfect medium-rare," he writes. "Your right side is immersed in a torrent of cold water hitting you at 70 miles per hour. The car is slowly filling with water. Your sauna is turning into a paddling pool."

The letter was a smashing success, Matthews tells NPR's Eric Westervelt. "They took the car away for a whole month and they basically rebuilt it from the chassis upwards, "he says. "And that was the start of it all."

Hear The Full Milkman Complaint Hear Anthony Matthews read his complaint about Barry. Listen Toggle more options Download Embed Embed "> <iframe src="https://www./player/embed/335702394/337630986" width="100%" height="290" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" title="NPR embedded audio player">

A more recent letter concerned a noisy milkman named Barry. "He'd been ruining our sleep for many years," Matthews says, by noisily delivering milk in the middle of the night. So Matthews wrote a letter to the milkman's boss, which read in part:

"He enters the cul-de-sac in first gear with foot to the floor, brakes abruptly, jumps out to make his delivery and then reverses back the way he came with the needle on his rev counter well into the red zone before a quick handbrake turn then back to first gear before screaming off down the street to wake up other people. Barry evidently has yet to discover second, third and fourth gears. He may as well deliver the milk in a Harrier Jump Jet."

That letter, too, had the desired effect. From that day forward, Barry was a different milkman: "He had to stop at the end of the street and carry the milk in on foot."

To some, Matthews' epic customer complaints make him a hero, but he says his friends and family regularly call his letter-writing a little bonkers.

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"At the end of the day, it's all about having a bit of fun, really," Matthews says.

And his website features more than just his own compositions: "These days, a lot of people send complaints to me, and so I have great fun on a weekend going through my inbox for some of the stuff that's flying around the world," he says. "It's great."

As an expert on the art of writing complaints, Matthews has a few pieces of advice for would-be complainers. Humor, which is evident in all his letters, is one of them, but his biggest tip of all has to do with delivery.

"First thing is, write a real letter — not an email. Because you can't delete an envelope," he says. "And people get too much email, so for letters, these days, they don't get many letters — so your letter stands out. It's worth doing."

And if he were talking with customer relations on the phone — as in the painful Comcast call that made the rounds on social media recently — Matthews says he'd make sure he had the customer representative's name.

"We're all programmed to divert our attention immediately when we hear our name, so the first thing I would do is I would use his name a lot," he says.

His second phone tip? Turn the tables. "As I understand it, most of these guys who do this job, they're not allowed to actually put the phone down — it has to be the customer," Matthews says. "So you can then reverse it and keep him talking for another 20 minutes."

Take a walk, have a nice dinner — and let the customer service rep get a taste of frustration for a change.

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How to write a complaint letter


Having once received what many regard as the world's best complaint letter , I was tickled to see another brilliant note to a different airline.

I phoned the customer who wrote the above note to apologise and thank him for his letter after he experienced a less than perfect culinary experience on board one of our planes. It is important to take customer feedback on board in order to improve and also to be able to laugh at yourself.

With that in mind, here is an open letter to Caribbean airline LIAT , written by Arthur Hicks, who also happens to be a great tennis pro.

Dear LIAT,

May I say how considerate it is of you to enable your passengers such an in-depth and thorough tour of the Caribbean.

Most other airlines I have travelled on would simply wish to take me from point A to B in rather a hurry. I was intrigued that we were allowed to stop at not a lowly one or two but a magnificent six airports yesterday. And who wants to fly on the same airplane the entire time? We got to change and refuel every step of the way!

I particularly enjoyed sampling the security scanners at each and every airport. I find it preposterous that people imagine them all to be the same. And as for being patted down by a variety of islanders, well, I feel as if Ive been hugged by most of the Caribbean already.

I also found it unique that this was all done on island time, because I do like to have time to absorb the atmosphere of the various departure lounges. As for our arrival, well, who wants to have to take a ferry at the end of all that flying anyway? Im glad the boat was long gone by the time we arrived into Tortola last night and that all those noisy bars and restaurants were closed.

So thank you, LIAT. I now truly understand why you are The Caribbean Airline.

P.S. Keep the bag. I never liked it anyway.

As a colleague said: I guess this is why LIAT is reputed to stand for Languishing In Airport Terminals!

But seriously, making customer service key to your company will keep your employees motivated and your customers happy. This in turn ensures enduring loyalty, business success and a better experience for everyone.

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